Food was great as always, but they lost my online order and I waited an extra 25 minutes in the restaurant to get my food.
They didn't check their online orders, so order wasn't started. Got chicken instead of steak. Did not get side order of rice. Food I got was excellent though.
Service was very good, as usual. However, there were a few issues with the online order. First, one of the rolls I ordered (East Roll) had mayonnaise in it. I personally find this disgusting in a sushi roll, and it was not listed on the menu as an ingredient (otherwise, I would have requested that they leave it out). Then, the total amount that I authorized online to be charged to my card ($10.60) did not match what actually got charged to my card. When they handed me my receipt, I was charged $2.00 extra. One of the rolls was charged at $6 instead of $5 and one extra dollar was added for an addition I requested to the other roll. This is understandable, but I did not appreciate that I authorized one amount to be charged to my card and they were able to make adjustments on their end before actually pushing the charge through. I got an itemized receipt in my email, so they made it right with me. But, I don't like that they have the ability to do this.
It was amazing the rolls were delicious and the crab Rangoon was on point. The only reason i didnt give it a full 5 stars is because the Philadelphia roll was a little saltier than id like.
Any questions please call us.